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Welcome to Angkor University Library System. All Resources are in your hand...!

Angkor University (AU) Library Services supports learning, teaching and research at AU and consists of learning spaces located on AU Campus, covering a wide range of AU specialist subjects.

The library has facilities for supporting the teachers and students with good atmosphere. We provide space for various learning such as individual study, group study, computer, quiet zone, and reading room café etc.

Angkor University provide a lot of opportunities for student to join in any activities such as: social community engagement, tracking and camping, local and international workshops, summer school with international partners (Thailand and Taiwan), exchange culture program (USA, Japan, South Korea and Indonesia), and local and international internship (Japan).

Angkor University established a Research Center for Economic Development (AURCED) since 2011 by joint university partners in Japan (Kumamoto Gakuen University) and Myanmar Research Center for Economic Development (MARCED).